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Thanks again for reaching in and helping me rescue myself. I am proud to extend my experience with you and mean every word of it. My work with you has made a profound impact on my life and I would willingly share that with others. I know I pay you for this service but somehow it never feels that way. Thanks again for your presence in my life. You're incredible.

 -- Entrepreneur

Know that you are a healing force whose love and passion for others is brighter than silver!

 -- Journalist

"For years, for as long as I can remember, I have felt unhappy, dissatisfied, at loose ends. This, in spite of being outwardly successful in many ways. Years of therapy did not help; I had some ideas as to why I was not content, but this did not help to change it.

Now, in working with David, he has helped, with gentle (usually) prodding here and there, to chip away the excess thoughts and limiting beliefs from my psyche, as Michelangelo is said to have chipped away the excess marble to reveal the sculpture embedded in a chunk of stone.

I have had the map to a different course within me all along. This was clear, even to me. But I was not using it; I kept on deciding to maintain the status quo. David pokes me every time I do that. It is not always comfortable, but he reminds me that if I want things to be different, I have to BE different too.

What is the tangible result? Well, in very tangible terms, by applying myself to my practice in a different way, my gross revenues are up by over 30% compared to the same period a year ago. I have begun to see a retirement path, and have started working backwards to figure out just what I need to do to make it happen. Setting out a time frame has eliminated an unreasonable variable, and made it so I will not work until I die BY ACCIDENT, as so many in my profession do.  All of this has changed my relationship to my family, for the better, and this, in turn, has freed me in other areas to be more committed to the journey, and less to the destination (not my usual way of being, historically).

No doubt, this all sounds too good to be true. All I can suggest is that you try working with David for a limited time and see if you don't begin steering yourself a little differently. You have little to risk, and lots
to gain.

For some reason, even though the answers are within us each, it is difficult to get at them without some outside help, and it is often hard for friends, family, partners, business associates to be impartial and
supportive in these matters, even if they want to be.  David's personality and training really lend him an ability to be what I need in this relationship; and I am a tough cookie to advise, I know."

-- Michael Hodish, DMD. Norwalk, CT. USA

"I feel like I have an ally. Hearing your message on my machine at the studio that was the word that popped into my head as I listened to your voice. Interesting. I've had support before but never someone I considered an ally. Thanks for reminding me of the permission I have to be fully me. Thanks for reminding me who I have the potential to be in the world. You're right. I have a lot to share."

-- Artist

"I first saw David’s picture on the cover of Business Weekly (Dec. 30, 1996) in the Hartford Courant. As I read about Empower I became excited about coaching. This is something I wanted to try! I had never done anything like this before; but I knew it was time for a change and a new way of looking at the same old thing. I gave David a call and was not disappointed. We have worked together for the last 17 months, and there have been many big results.

Most notable is that my net income rose by more than 50% for 1997. I am hoping to do the same for 1998 and beyond as I search out new clients with a sense of confidence, professionalism and commitment that I did not have prior to meeting David. I also have a new sense of pride and realize that what I offer, no one else can. I have the experience, the knowledge and the desire to do a job that will come out better than if it was done by any one of my much larger competitors.

One other big thing not to be overlooked is the ability to ‘design’ my life the way I want it. As a sole-proprietor and designer, I work when I want, play when I want, and the work I do is better than it ever has been. If I am being fulfilled in my personal life-the work is easy. I still have a way to go before I get everything I want but at least David has given me the tools and has inspired me to consider all my different options and the inner strength it takes to pursue my goals."

Empower Coaching Works!

  --  President, Industrial Design Firm

Thank you for everything. I firmly believe you set me on the path to my own self-reliance and self-discovery. You gave me the focus and acted as my guide. But ultimately it was up to me to take the first step and set out the strategy. Thank you. Thank you. I hope we will again work together in the future when I face another wall that I need someone to push me over - or at least to help me find a way around it.

-- Entrepreneur

I now have an appreciation of the journey of life, as well as a realization of the failed model of a ‘destination.’ I also have a new relationship to risk."

  --  President, computer firm

"David directs me out of the chaos. He is a guide. I am better able to identify my needs and more able to express to people what I want."

  --  Motion picture industry executive

"I now have clarity around the issues that stop me from getting my needs met."

  --  Chiropractor

"I have a Greater sense of self esteem. I now know who I am and where I am going."

  --  Engineer

"He helped me to understand that I need to have structure in my life to meet my needs. David is a funnel to narrow my focus. He is a great listener - he lets me figure out what I need to do."

  --  Financial services executive

"I have increased clarity and focus as well as an ability to envision the future and plan better for it. He provides encouragement and I have a feeling that I am growing as a businessman and as a human being."

  --  President, entertainment company

"I have a sense that I am finally planning for the future. Overall confidence has increased and more money is flowing to me."

  --  Entrepreneur

"I have more freedom to just be myself. He gives me ideas on how to take leaps and then he supports me to take them. Never would I have had the guts to act. I am now clear about issues that might get in my way. I have done a lot of great things I didn’t think I would do."

  --  Insurance industry executive

"David creates a calm for me whereby answers can be reached. He illuminates answers that lie within his clients. He is also an enforcer; he keeps me accountable for results I promised to produce. But most importantly, he has been my shadow. Life as an entrepreneur can be lonely and walking with him on this life path has given me the foundation to create far more than I ever have before."

  --  President, placement firm

"My consultancy client accepted a 33% increase in fees over my regular day rate—just because I asked. An e-mail from Master Coach David Silberkleit to yours truly, understated and business-like, set the tone for my simple request. It took me 30 seconds to read and digest David’s advice ....and it was worth $2000 to me. Thank you, David"

  --  Consultant, Multimedia content and marketing



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