Pathway to Authenticity

After more than 11 years coaching people in all walks of life, I have discovered that there are really only two types of people... those who know exactly what they want to do in life... and those who have a strong sense that something else is possible.... but they work every day doing something that they really don’t love because they have to. As a coaching client once said, “I have a sense that there is a doorway I can walk through, on the other side of which is an exceptional life with everything I ever wanted. The thing is, I never step through that door, and it always seems just out of reach.”

Since 1994, I have coached hundreds of people to move from mediocre careers to exceptional careers. And there are a number of patterns that seem to recur:

1)      It is very easy to get comfortably enmeshed in a lifestyle that really doesn’t work for us... especially if it gives us benefits we think we’re supposed to want.

2)      We face an amazing amount of resignation among our peers... few will support us when we suggest there has to be a better way, because our potential success in an authentic career is actually a threat to those around us who have invested in a life of “security.”

3)      It’s a lot easier to see the risk associated with making life changes than it is to see the possibilities... and the pathway to reach the rewards.

4)      It’s easy to imagine that we’ll make life and career changes someday... yet that someday never comes.

5)      The path to an authentic life can be a terrifying road to travel on your own.

Even if you work in an industry you like, chances are good you’re doing your work the way “your industry” dictates, NOT the way you would if you could bring your authenticity to the table. As another coaching client said, “Pioneers get shot by arrows. I was taught to do what everyone else is doing, because it works.”

So, would you rather keep your authenticity under wraps or risk a few arrows? I’ve found that those people out on the field may take a few shots, but they ultimately live a much more fulfilled life.

In this seminar, I’ll show you how.

Many of you have read “A New Adventure Every Day” and know that I sold this book to my publisher by introducing myself (in a rather greasy fleece and Gore-Tex suit) when I stopped at a giant book trade show while on a 5-month bicycle trip. By simply being myself… being authentic… I was able to ink a multi-book deal with one of the largest independent book publishers in the world… with my bicycle still parked right outside.

Some of you have also heard me speak at seminars and heard the story of how I contacted the CEO of a major aviation company I read about on the cover of the Wall Street journal and that he hired me to be his executive coach for an entire year… all because I called to tell him how much I loved his product and admired what he had created (I’m a pilot with five different types of licenses, so I love aviation).

I’ve found that passion and authenticity have been the key to building a great business... as well as the key to living a fulfilling and adventurous life. So how can you put this same kind of passion and authenticity to work for you?  It’s easy for me to suggest that you simply “be more authentic.” But how do you really meet the people you need to meet? How do you actually speak with an authentic voice and enroll people in partnership with you?  How do you connect with the resources you want and need?

In this new teleseminar, I’ll share the methods I’ve used to build business through passion and authenticity.

In a fun teleconference format, you’ll discover:

The five keys to authentic marketing:

  1.  Share passion & truth

  2.  Listen

  3.  Be interested

  4.  Identify needs

  5.  Seek connection

  6.  Offer possibility

You’ll also learn how to:

  •        Steer from your center

  •        Settle into your own skin

  •        Speak the truth

  •        Name what’s present

  •        Be unstoppable

  •        Handle objections

  •        Make connections with anyone

  •        Celebrate all your victories… and your failures

This is cutting edge work that will have you stand out in a world more and more crowded with information overload and flooded email inboxes. Come learn to steer from your most authentic center, the only source that really matters, and the source of a limitless well of energy that will make this your best year yet… and your greatest adventure!

$29 per person

Space is limited so sign up today!

 To reserve your place on the call, Email or phone with your Visa or MasterCard number and expiration date. Then you will receive the telephone number to call for the teleseminar (you’ll need to make a one-hour long distance call) as well as detailed instructions for the seminar and an exercise to do before we convene. 

Bring a friend… you’ll each pay half price!

Unconditionally guaranteed! If you are not delighted with what you learn in this Teleseminar, you have 24 hours after the seminar to cancel and there will be no charge.

(my Guide to TeleSeminars is here)

Here are some testimonials from recent Teleseminars and workshops:

Dear David,
Your talk is still resonating with me almost a week after the meeting -- how do you do that? The power of authenticity and truth I imagine!

Thank you so much.
Best, Persephone

Hi David -
Thank you so much for sharing your story and philosophy last night and for helping me to think differently about credentials.  I feel so much more confident about going forward with my own unconventional career path.  After struggling with this for months, the things you had to say, the energy you brought, and the discussion of authenticity has really made a difference for me.  Even though I thanked you last night, I wanted to let you know how you helped me to change my thinking.
Warm Regards, Regina

I recently invited David Silberkleit to speak at my business networking event and he was brilliant!  He got all the members in the room communicating with each other on a much deeper level than our usual dry business discussions.  The talk was interactive, humorous, engaging, and uplifting.  He gave the room a refreshing energy that carried over after his talk as members were much more gregarious with each other.  I strongly recommend David Silberkleit as a speaker at any kind of business event that is looking to do something lively and different that will really energize the attendees.
Sincerely, Doug

So reserve your place on this call today. Stop segregating your authentic self from your work life. Stop bringing home frustration about your current job... and the boundary between who you are at work and who you really are. You can leverage the gifts you have to create all you need and want in your life. In this class, I’ll show you how! 

Email now or phone with your Visa or MasterCard number and expiration date. Then you will receive the telephone number to call for the teleseminar (remember, you’ll need to make a one-hour long distance call) as well as detailed instructions for the seminar and an exercise to do before we convene.


Here’s to your authentic adventure!

David Silberkleit

Master Certified Life and Career Coach


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