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"My company is dedicated to the premise that life is a daring adventure. No matter where you are in your life, whether your next adventure is to climb Everest or to make a career change, I can coach you to make that journey easier and less frightening. Since 1994 I have coached hundreds of people to produce breakthrough results." Welcome message continued...

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"Coaching has been quite an experience. What started as a desire to improve my business quickly evolved into something much bigger. Things just started coming together. In my first year, I was rookie of the year, and in my second year, I was again top in my category. I certainly attribute that to a lot of the work David and I have done. It really has been a great adventure in my life."


"What I have gained in the process is improved leadership and communication skills and more organization in my life, which has allowed me to spend more time with my son. I would recommend David to anyone who wants to be become more effective in achieving their goals."

Compared to other work I have done on my life, coaching was the most direct, and has given me the most measurable results.  After just 1 hour with David, I have  changed my life in a remarkable way. Unlike my experience with therapy, David gave me the tools to lead a better life in a full scope of situations. I recommend David to anyone who wants to discover truth in their lives, to discover clarity of thought and action... to anyone who needs an intelligent and objective eye to solve a problem or situation they may be facing... and to anyone who wants to make him or herself a better person in the next 24 hours.

One of the things I came away with is to be less fearful with taking risk. Over the years I had lost the adventurous risk taking spirit... he helped me get that back.

He also helped me see and clarify that my relationship to money had become one of building fortresses, to insolate myself and family from impending doom. Now, I've stopped worrying so much, and I'm more open to the possibilities of all kinds of ventures. Since then, I have cut back hours at work by 20% and I have used that extra time to do the things I have been putting off for along... getting back to my artwork, practicing my guitar and I have even started a small e-commerce website, http://www.smallgreenleaf.com/


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