1) Here's a fun 10-minute interview with Bill Thompson, host of the wonderful international  radio and web program "Eye on Books." I had laryngitis the day I was scheduled for the interview but didn't want to miss the opportunity to be on a program that has featured some of the best authors in the world. So please excuse my scratchy sound and I hope you can appreciate that to go to a huge interview with a voice that is unrecognizable even to me was nothing short of a big adventure!

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2) This one-hour interview with David Silberkleit was featured on the award-winning Faith Middleton Show on WNPR in May 2003. As you can see below, we've split the interview into manageable tracks (all MP3 files) to help with your listening download time.

The first few tracks highlight the interview itself, in which David shares a few of his favorite stories. Later tracks will inspire you to get creative in your own life as Faith Middleton listeners call in to share their wide-ranging everyday adventures.

This one-hour program is recommended listening for anyone who wants to find adventure in everyday life, with an award-winning host who is one of the best in the radio business. Enjoy!

Note: If your media player doesn't automatically start playing these tracks, your system may need to download the entire file first in order to listen. To download the file, simply right click the links below, choose "Save Target As" or "Save File As" and then play the MP3 from your media player once it's downloaded.

Each file takes only a one minute or two to download with a broadband connection, and you may listen to one segment while downloading another.

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