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Fewer than 2% of coaches worldwide are Master Certified. If you're looking for a coach, don't settle for anything less!

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"A New Adventure Every Day." by David Silberkleit (Sourcebooks, 341 pages)

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IT Manager & Architect masters communication

Financial Svc Exec makes Rookie of the Year

Film Editor discovers her dreams are attainable

IT Exec embraces risk and becomes less fearful

Hire David and you will absolutely experience personal growth and an enhanced knowledge of self. I wanted to explore new career directions, strengthen my personal relationships and lead a more authentic life. I have enhanced my confidence in making decisions and learned to approach all aspects of my life from a position of leadership. I would recommend David to anyone who wants to break out of their comfort zone and reach for their true potential. 


When I started working with David, I had a day job I absolutely hated and I thought that the stress of it might kill me. With his help, I changed my relationship to my job and I am now deriving a great deal of satisfaction from that same position. Our work also turned around my relationship with money. Today, money flows to me easily. My work with David saved me years of trial and error. It has been one of the best investments of my life.


"Compared to other work I have done on my life, coaching was the most direct, and has given me the most measurable results.  After just one hour with David, I have  changed my life in a remarkable way. Unlike my experience with therapy, David gave me the tools to lead a better life in a full scope of situations. I recommend David to anyone who wants to discover truth in their lives, to discover clarity of thought and action... to anyone who needs an intelligent and objective eye to solve a problem or situation they may be facing... and to anyone who wants to make him or herself a better person in the next 24 hours."

"I have never had anyone in my life... not a coach or therapist or anyone... give me more help than David. His words of wisdom are definitely divinely inspired and yet extremely practical. I have worked with hundreds of therapists (I am a therapist and I train therapists) and there is no one more powerful than he in my life."


"I really wanted to work with someone who could view the possibility I represent in the biggest possible context... meaning, how big I can take myself. He has supported me on that. He has also helped me focus. Hes able to pullout which ideas make the most sense and how to move forward with them... and how to speak powerfully about the whole thing." 

"I was incredibly lucky to find him... he has helped me find what I am most in love with doing and is helping me do that step by step. I was fixated on issues and problems instead of making a plan for the future. I had been stuck in my career... now, I am feeling a real upsurge of energy and excitement and fruitful action. In the last couple of months I have had more things happen... it is amazing. I was doubtful of coaching, but I have become a total believer... be open to the process and you will be able to do what you want. I recommend David whole-heartedly!" 

"I would recommend David to anyone who wants to be become more effective in achieving their goals. What I have gained in the process is improved leadership and communication skills and more organization in my life, which has allowed me to spend more time with my son." 

"His work has been extraordinary. In a very short period of time I have been able to focus on the path that is most meaningful to me, to ensure that the career change I make is in fact in my best interest. This is something I am enjoying working on! I cannot recommend him highly enough!"

 "I've had a great experience with David's coaching program. I'm more comfortable in my own skin than ever before. I went looking for a coach because I hated what I was doing in my business and I wasn't really enjoying my life. I was really unhappy with who I was. Now, my life has completely changed. I really feel I know myself better. I realized I was fine the way I was. I would highly recommend anyone at any stage in their life to contact David. Instead of trying to be someone you're not, you get to be who you already are. I can't recommend him highly enough!"

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